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İngilizce Diyaloglar #3

İngilizce Diyaloglar #3
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"İngilizce günlük diyaloglar" serisi ile günlük hayatta kullanılan konuşma diline aşina olmayı amaçlıyorum. Kısa ve yavaşlatılmış diyaloglar ile temel seviyede kendimizi geliştireceğimizi düşünüyorum. Umarım faydalı olur, iyi çalışmalar...

➤Konuşma metni:

"Daughter: Uh, dad. Are you going to miss me when I leave for college next week?

Father : Yahoo!

Daughter: No, dad, seriously. I mean you are always talking about how much money you’ll save on food, hot water, and gas while I am gone.

Father : Of course I will, no, uh, well, I’ll miss you, of course. No, honestly, I’ll miss and worry about you, and you have really tried to prepare yourself. You know, I am proud of you for that. You know, getting a university degree is a real accomplishment.

Daughter: Exactly

Father : But, let’s go over the to-do list. Do you have everything really? I mean, did you pay your tuition and housing fees by the deadline?

Daughter: Yeap

Father : Because, you know, if you don’t, you’ll lose your class schedule, and you have to register all over again.

Daughter: Yeah, I paid for that a few days ago.

Father : Okay, did you sign up for the meal plan at the university so you don’t have to eat instant noodles eeverday?

Daughter: Yeap. But mom said I could take some food from home to get me started.

Father : Uhh, well, yeah. The oatmeal is in the pantry.

Daughter: Dad! Mom said I could take a bag of rice, some canned food, and

Father : And grandpa’s old army rations.

Daughter: Ugh! Not that old stuff. Mom!

Father : Okay, okay. And you know you should set up an appointment to meet with your academic advisor to help you select future classes, right?

Daughter: Yeah

Father : You know, business administration will be a great major for you.

Daughter: Well, dad, uh.

Father : And future possibilities, a great salary, opportunities to make a difference in the community, and

Daughter: Dad. I changed my major

Father : supporting. What? You changed your major, you switched majors!?

Daughter: Yeah. I want to degree in wildlife science. You know, analyzing, maintaining, and conversing national forest and wildlife.

Father : What? Uh, uhh.

Daughter: Dad. You can close your mouth now. I mean, I have always been interested in working with nature;

Father : Well

Daughter: You know that, and this field will give me the opportunity to live out my dream

Father : Well

Daughter: I have also looked through the online university catalog, and I actually qualify for a two-year, full tuition scholarship.

Father : Wait. When did this all happen?

Daughter: I can even go on to graduate school and further my education after Todd and I get married, of course.

Father : Graduate school. Todd? Wait, wait, wait!!! Who is Todd? Ah, what is next?

Daughter: Thanks for the credit card. Mom sait it was present, and I just tried it out to make sure it worked, and I had no problem buying my new laptop computer.

Father : Oh, I am doomed!

Daughter: Uh, dad, where are you going?

Father : Uh, I have decided to enroll in night school to get another degree. That is the only way I am going to pay for your college."

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